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with  Miss MeOw

with  Miss MeOw

Sweat your heart out with body positive dance classes.

Learn dance routines that will make you feel ooey- gooey good.

Whipaheel Chair Dance Workshop

Sweat your heart out with sensual stretches and chair choreography. Use these tips & tricks for better posture & movement with heels to bring out your alter ego! 
Next Public Workshop: TBA!
Email to request a private group workshop!

Yogance Therapy

Would you love to remove blockage and connect more to your sensuality? Perfect your lines, grace, and ASSETS with yogance based lessons to help keep you grounded and tap into your sensuality! 
Book a 1-on-1
in-person or virtually.

Soulher Power Event’s

Coordinate special guest instructions by yours truly for your studio or organization. Request your custom BodySoul Yogance Lessons for your special occasion:
Bridal party, Birthday Babes, Divorce party and more. 

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