Want to own your power

on the dance floor,

in your fitness routine, 

or on the mat?

I Can help you.

Treat yourself to world-class instruction delivered by a dance, fitness, and yoga expert. 

Soulher Power offers one-on-one or class instruction in the studio, in the comfort of your home, or at your desired location.

  • A One-of-a-Kind Experience​

  • Expert Instruction Delivers Results

  • Seriously Fun & Therapeutic 




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Learn to Move and find your own groove

Pose & Flow

like you know

You will grow

Work & Grind

to get your body in line

with your goals

Show your soul on the pole



Class Pass 4*


4 In-Person Group Classes

Valid for 1 month from purchase date

*excludes pole classes*


Gift Card


Valid for 2 months from purchase


Online Class Pass 4*


4 Online Lessons


Gift Card


Valid for 2 months from purchase


*Excluding Pole Classes



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make time for class?

Plan a week in advance! Pack your dance bag and store it in the trunk. Next, schedule your sitter. Finally, reserve your spot soon.

What if I can’t dance or I'm not flexible enough?

The only way to learn is to dust yourself off and try again.

What do I wear for class?

It’s important to dress how you feel or want to feel. Come relaxed or come to celebrate that body!

What’s required?

Water, sweat towel, socks, knee pads. And most importantly, a positive attitude.

What's suggested?

Heels class : heels of your choice that you are confident in.
Pole: the less clothes the better. Heels optional.
Please do not apply lotion/oil right before class to avoid slip and fall injuries.

How long are classes?

Minimum 1 hour. The length of time can be requested to be longer for private party or a workshop request.

What if I live out of town?

Schedule a virtual lesson or book me to come to you!

When I book for a private lesson or group when do I get a response?

Within 48hrs after submissions. It's best to book at a minimum 2 weeks in advance for proper preparation tailored for you or your group.

Are observers allowed?

Yes, we welcome hype-ladies free of charge. Men aren’t allowed in class but are welcomed to observe their significant other’s 1-on-1 lessons. Children are welcomed with proper resources to keep them seated and entertained but are not welcomed in pole classes.