with  Miss MeOw

with  Miss MeOw

Work & grind to get your body in line with your goals.

Training with Miss MeOw will make you feel ooey- gooey good.

Feyonce Fitness

Sweat and manifest! 

I will get you ready for the day you say I DO! 

With the same greatness as in-person training you will recieve personal pre-scheduled workouts for you and your bridal party's goals, plus eating tips that’ll have you ready for your special day!

3 month minimum commitment required. $230/mth

Live Online Training

Workouts that will get you a slim waist, glowing skin, and butt on track!

Online: Monday-Thursday

$30 | 30mins   

*minmum in-home gym equipment needed but not mandatory*

Book a 1-on-1 in-person or virtually.

60mins| 4 sessions $60 valid for 4 weeks

30mins| 6 sessions $180 valid for 2 months

60mins| 7 sessions $300 valid for 2 months